Welcome to my website; Projekt: Para! I created this website to serve multiple functions.

First and foremost, I wanted to provide public platform where I could easily provide access to all of my projects and game builds. Originally, I was resitrcted to  the upload limits of Google Drive and Discord and as my projects started to grow in size, it was starting to become impossible to share them. Also, utilizing Full Sails student class portal, there was no true way of being able to share projects with other students. So, I ultimately ended up deciding to go with creating a webstite. As my concept and idea continued to grow I realized that this platform could also serve as a portfolio to showcase to future partnerships or employment opportunities.

Secondly, I wanted a place, besides Discord, to provide a place for all my streaming and gaming content. I am a *part* time streamer on Twitch.Tv and I’m putting heavy emphasis on part time. I used to be a ton more active but due to the hectic work schedule and the demanding amount of time my homework at Full Sail requires, there just hasn’t been enough time in the day to include streaming. However, I still wanted home for all of my content and friends.

In time, I plan to have forums set up where I can actively post updates, provide a place where downloads can be easily accesible and some quick links to all of my social media.

I’m always looking for feedback. If you have any constructive critiscm or feedback on how I can improve my website and make it more user friendly while still maintaining my professional feel, please feel free to let me know!

Matthew “xPaRaPhOiAx” Kaplan